Air india virtual staff team is availaibe 24*7 and ensure that all the proceedings and operations of the VA goes on smoothly.They are the one responsible for smooth proceedings of the VA.All the staff members hold a legal copy of Infinite flight simulator and they are present in infinite flight community as well.

Prasoon Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Prasoon is the founder and CEO of Air India Virtual.He is head of the virtual airline and do hold all adminstrative power,he ensures that all the proceedings go well and smooth.He is one of the active

Indraniel Munshi

Chief of operations

Indraniel is the chief of operations of the VA.He worked along with other members of the VA to get the VA approved.He is active member in VA and in community too,and is always ready to help anyone wit

Rohan Sharma

Chief of Operations

Rohan is another chief of operations who helps Indraniel and executive team in running the VA.Rohan plays an important role being a COO and has contributed a lot to the VA in improvements and all othe

Nikhil Goenka

Chief Information Officer

Nikhil as Chief Information Officer helps the executives and other members to help with any stuffs.Nikhil is also a proud member of IFATC and a good pilot in the VA.He always try to maintain the progr

Pranav Gupta


Human Resource manager i.e Pranav Gupta,helps us in all management stuffs and ensures to recruit and welcome new pilots in the VA.He is one of the active member in the VA and in IFC and always comes u

Prashant Divedi

Chief Pilot


Prashant has been assigned as new chief pilot after pranay left the post due to real life stuffs. Prashant is a very professional pilot, knowing all basics and advanced knowledge of aviation and is a

Nitesh Khandelwal

Assistant Flight Supervisor


Works with flight supervisor and helps him in supervision of pilot's flight

Abhas Desai

Assistant Flight Supervisor

Helps Flight supervisor.

vansh purohit

Media Manager


Responsible for media operations

Pritish Dewan

Routes Manager


Responsible for adding and updating routes

Josh Tedla

Recruitment Manager

Josh helps HoR in recruiting pilots.