Meet the team

We have a set of multi-national staff who are working around the clock to make sure your experience isn’t hindered. Have a look at them below.

Indraniel Munshi

Chief Executive Officer

He is CEO of the virtual airline. He is also responsible for safe running of the virtual airline, and responsible for safe running of the virtual airline. All major decisions are taken with his appro

Rohan Sharma

Chief of Operations

Mr. Rohan Sharma is the Chief of operations of AIVA. He is another main personal in this virtual airline and has the rights to take major decisions in case of absence of the CEO. All day to day opera

Prasoon Singh

Senior advisor

Mr. Prasoon who was ultimate founder of the virtual airline has now taken a back seat and is the Senior Advisor as he is the one whose idea was to launch this virtual airline.

Nikhil Goenka


Mr. Nikhil Goenka is Chief pilot. He plays a very important role in pilot development. Any questions/queries regarding flying, may contact him. Mr. Nikhil is also responsible for training pilots in c

Pranav Gupta


Mr. Pranav Gupta is the head of HR team. He is the one responsible for managing new recruits, checking their application status. He will also internally coordinate with Chief pilot in case new recruit

Alan Shaji

Media Manager

Mr. Alan Shaji is our Media team head having past experience in this field. He is responsible for managing all our social media accounts. Any media related queries you can contact him. He also interna

Josh Tedla

Assistant Flight Supervisor

Mr. Josh is currently training under our chief of operations, this position is very important as Mr. Josh will be responsible for accepting pireps, awarding promotions to pilots based on hours they lo

Pritish Dewan

Routes Manager

Mr.Pritish is head of routes management of routes and also keeping in touch with all new routes being added as well as taking care of code share routes. All Routes copy can be found with Mr. Pritish.

Abhas Desai


Details to be made available soon.