Rules & Regulations

Welcome Pilots. This page mentions all the rules and regulations to be maintained in order to continue with the VAs policies and be in a good environment.

Standard Protocols:

  • Pilots are required to fly with their assigned callsign on slack.
  • Upon being ghosted while operating an AIVA flight, pilots are required to contact an executive member to review the ghosting case. Appropriate actions will be taken depending on the case.
  • Members should communicate in English for the majority of times. Usage of other languages are occasionally allowed. Excessive usage is strongly prohibited.
  • All members must be respectful to others, using offensive words towards others is strictly prohibited. Friendly environment should be maintained every time.
  • All members are expected to be mature,showing immaturity at several occasions and if disliked by other members, can be a cause of concern.

Activity Requirements

  • Pilots/Staffs are required to file 2 flights per month in order to be considered active within the VA. Failure to doing so will result in an automatic removal from the VA.
  • If the pilot/staff is unable to comply with requirements due to personal issues,he/she should PM an Executive member to request leave. Leave period stays upto 3 months.

Slack Usage Guidelines:

  • Members are required to use slack channels for their appropriate purpose mentioned in the purpose section of the channel.
  • Channels like #announcements #va_events are read only channels. Only staff members are allowed to post in these channels. Any issues regarding any of the posts in these channel should be discussed generally or via PM.
  • Only the assigned person can react to the PIREP posts in #validator channel to approve Flights.
  • Pilots pertaining to fly with others or joining other's flights should make use of #group-flights. Proceeding to the details of flights should be done in #flight-comms.

Flying Conducts:

  • All pilots are required to maintain a professional environment while operating an AIVA flight.
  • A pilot if ghosted, should come in immediate contact with the executive team.
  • All AIVA flights must be flown on expert server.
  • General AIVA Speed rules:
    Max taxi speed 20 knots on a straight taxiway. Turning shouldn't exceed more than 12 knots

    Below 10K AGL: 230-240 knots

    Downwind leg: 210 knots

    Base leg: 180 knots or below.

    Final: Less than 160 knots

    Speeds are subject to be followed unless otherwise instructed by ATC.

Impeachment Protocols: A Member can be impeached from the VA on the followin terms:

  • Continuous misbehaviour towards other members after being warned.
  • Continuous disregards of the AIVA Flight Manual and unable to maintain proper professionalism during the flight.
  • Using Abusive terms and offensive words. A member can be dismissed in this case with or without any prior warning.