Rank Chart

Rank Chart for pilots to refer to.

Rank Name Hours Required AI Fleets Unlocked Codeshare Fleets
0 A319, A320 TAP A319, TAP A320, Air New Zealand A320
10 A321 Turkish 737-700, A321, LOT Airlines ERJ-170, ANA A321, Lufthansa CRJ9
25 737-800 TAP - A319, A320, United Airlines - A320, Air New Zealand - A320, A321, ANA - A320, DH8D, Lufthansa - A320, CRJ9, Egypt Air 738, LOT Airlines CRJ-700
First Officer
50 788 LOT Airlines B787-8, B737-800, United B737-800, Air New Zealand 789, Swiss A333, Egypt Air A333
Senior First Officer
75 777-200lr Lufthansa A330, A340-600, ANA B787-9, United B787-9
120 77w Air China A330, B787-9, United B767, Air New Zealand B777-200er, TAP Air Portugal B742, Thai MD11, B772
Senior Captain
150 -- United B777-200, Thai B787-8, Air New Zealand B77w, Turkish 77w, Thai B744
200 747-400 Lufthansa B747-8, B747-400, Air China B747-8, 777-300er, ANA 777-300er, Thai A380
Maharaja Commander
200+ Road to Maharaja Status Thai A380
Maharaja Voyage
300 -- First Priority Amongst All Pilots
Maharaja Chief
500 -- Access to the VAs internal opportunities